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Second Debate: Bob Orr Vs. Nicole Revels

NC Against the Bond vs. Connect NC, PART 2: Former NC Supreme Court Justice Bob Orr, Co-Chair of “Connect NC” committee, vs. Nicole Revels, Director of NC Against the Bond, in a forum moderated by Kelly McCullen of the North Carolina Channel (UNC TV). Watch the segment and leave your thoughts!


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  • Robert Appel, MD
    March 13, 2016

    Pay as you go. If this state is experiencing revenue surpluses, why burden us with interest and principle payments over the next 20-25 years? Pols will take credit for the pork provided by the projects and will be long gone by the time payment is due. I vote NO!

  • arthur crane
    March 14, 2016

    pay as you go. lets remember not long ago the state had massive debt, connect nc is to broad in scope. I belive that this is again leaving our debt and tax increases to our kids and grand kids. ms. revels is being fiscally responsible. state government needs to be working to control spending by bringing the items that are specific in nature and cost. this is why each of you where elected. this is a lump of coal, pork barrel, an all should be ashamed who passed this.

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