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Lack of Scrutiny REVEALED

Lack of Scrutiny REVEALED

REVEALED: College presidents have their OWN plans for the bond money. On a recent episode of What Matters w/Chad Adams, a guest caller discloses what she has discovered: some institutions plan to use funds from the bond for their own intents, contrary to what the public is being told about the purpose of the funds.

How can this be? Doesn’t “Connect NC” designate how funds must be used? Outside of the generic designation of “this many millions” to “this county community college,” voters are given very little information on how the funds will be used. Does a particular community college intend to remodel a building, purchase new computers, or build tennis courts and swimming pools? We do not know.

A public records request was made, asking for the details of the specific projects of the community colleges across the state. Remember that the bond is an omnibus spending proposal. Residents are not only voting for their local project, bond proponents are asking voters to approve every single project within the bond across the entire state. Should we have access to information to know what we would be approving? The governor’s office responds to the request by stating that the only way to obtain detailed information about each of the community college projects is to contact each individual campus! They state:

“According to OSBM staff, the Community College System Office will NOT have a listing of the projects for each Community College Campus. It appears the only way to compile that information will be to contact each individual campus.”

The lack of scrutiny over how the funds will be used is another slap in the face to the next generation of North Carolina taxpayers. How many voters do you believe are going to contact each individual campus across the state in order to learn the details of what they are supposed to vote on?

Watch the clip above from What Matters w/ Chad Adams to hear more about the lack of transparency and scrutiny surrounding the $2 billion debt increase request. Vote AGAINST the bond on March 15.

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