A grassroots referendum committee formed in opposition to the "Connect NC" bond proposal. In the March 2016 primary election, NC residents will be asked to vote for or against a proposal to borrow 2 billion dollars. The loan request is not for funding of transportation nor k-12 education projects. The $2 billion will go into the “Connect NC” fund, a committee that is chaired by a whole host of politicians. From there, 66% will be divvied out to the NC college systems, hundreds of millions of dollars will go to parks, zoos, agricultural “research,” and other political pet projects across NC. A bond is not free money, it’s debt with heavy interest that is left to the next generation to pay without their consent. If an item is important enough then it should be budgeted and our elected officials held accountable for the spending of NC tax dollars. Vote AGAINST the $2 billion debt deal this March.

Overview pie chart from www.connect.NC.gov: