$2 Billion bond election results

March 16, 2016
So the bond passed. What to think of this? First: All I have done is compile research and put it out there so that if others wanted…

Vote AGAINST the $2 billion debt bond on Tuesday

March 14, 2016
A bond is not free money, it's a debt left to future generations to pay without their consent. If an item is truly important, put…

Second Debate: Bob Orr Vs. Nicole Revels

March 9, 2016
NC Against the Bond vs. Connect NC, PART 2: Former NC Supreme Court Justice Bob Orr, Co-Chair of "Connect NC" committee, vs. Nicole…

Who is bankrolling “Connect NC” ?

March 9, 2016
Crony Bond REVEALED! $2 BILLION pay-to-play bond: Where does Connect NC get their millions for promotional marketing materials?…

FIRST DEBATE: “Connect NC” vs. NC Against the Bond

February 29, 2016
FIRST OFFICIAL DEBATE: "Connect NC" vs. NC Against the Bond. Grab some popcorn! "Connect NC" and NC Against the Bond had their first…

Debunking the lies: Bond is like a home mortgage?

February 23, 2016
Bond proponents claim that adopting this bond is equivalent to a household taking on a mortgage to purchase a home. That claim…

“ConnectNC” wants you to pass the bond to find out what’s in it!

February 19, 2016
Nancy Pelosi tactics on display "ConnectNC" wants you to pass the bond to find out what's in it! A second video from a meeting…

Debunking the Lies: Commissioners TRICKED by Bond Bait and Switch

February 13, 2016
Bond proponents are touting the claim that commissioners across the state support their $2 billion bond debt proposal. However;…
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